FOX Shock Rebuilding/Servicing

Shock Rebuild includes:
New genuine FOX shock JM-92 oil, thorough inspection and cleaning of the valve, seals, shaft, cap, body, etc. and nitrogen charged. We will also reorganize the stock shimstack no charge if required. Standard seal kits are also included if required. All shop supplies are also included. * other damaged parts are extra [shafts,bodys,bushings etc.]

Fox 2.0 Emulsion or IFP $100.00 CAD
Fox 2.0 With reservoir (piggy-back or Remote) $130.00 CAD
Fox 2.5 Internal Bypass (Including Front OEM Ford Raptor Shocks)$200.00 CAD (Note: Shafts are usually required on front Ford Raptors Add $50.00)
Fox 2.5 Internal Bypass With Reservoir (Including Rear OEM Ford Raptor Shocks)$225.00 CAD
Fox 3.0 External Bypass $225.00-$300.00 CAD

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Other brand shock pricing:
Rebuildable shock with NO extra fluid reservoir $100.00 Plus cost of seals if required
Rebuildable shock WITH extra fluid reservoir $130.00 Plus cost of seals if required
Internal or External Bypass Shock $200.00- $300 Plus cost of seals if required

FOX Shock Upgrades



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